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Introducing our new ChiselLabs where YOU post YOUR proposals!

ChiselLabs is an easy-to-use tool to help you build your own local, state, or federal policy initiatives, get public feedback, improve your proposals, garner votes and support, and get your proposals into the hands of lawmakers!


ChiselLabs uses the same principles as our traditional proposals to create multi-stakeholder policy initiatives that engage everyone!

Start your proposal now!

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You get straight-up bipartisan facts and proposals and fun graphics. No bias. No jargon. Content is developed with recognized experts from both sides of the aisle working together. Voice your thoughts, engage with experts, and give your feedback to TheChisel community to realize the aspirations of America. Our forefathers had the quill. You have TheChisel. So don’t just vote, chisel!

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  • "TheChisel is brilliant. I love it!"

    Esther Dyson - Technologist, investor, philanthropist

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