Back-End Developer

The Opportunity

TheChisel is seeking an exceptional back-end developer for an exclusive opportunity to work in our New York City office directly with our senior team, including our CEO, our VP for Partnerships, and our growing development team. This hands-on experience gives individuals with superlative critical thinking and back-end engineering skills, and a passion for democracy the chance to explore the exciting intersection of social enterprise, social media, and web development.

You will build and maintain our REST API. The API’s codebase will be totally separate from the current one and will replace it completely. The main consumer of the API will be our front-end app.

You will be part of more than “just the development team.” You will be part of the entire TheChisel team and will participate in strategy and marketing meetings as well as usability testing.


  • Proficiency in Node.js or Rails development
  • TDD / BDD knowledge; the codebase needs to be thoroughly tested
  • Experience with Vagrant, provisioning of some kind (Ansible, Puppet, Chef)
  • DevOps experience
  • Bonus points for thinking that Docker is awesome

You . . .

  • prefer simple to complicated and avoid over-engineering!
  • like to ship and deploy often
  • have a bleeding edge mentality and acknowledge that technology moves fast
  • are eager to test and learn new, innovative stuff that can add to your skills base and benefit the company

Non-negotiables: You . . .

  • maintain the highest standards of integrity
  • are insatiably curious, creative, resourceful, analytical, and crackerjack smart
  • are a collaborative thinker and doer
  • are open-minded and want to work with like-minded people from across the political spectrum
  • thrive on taking initiative and getting the job done
  • are quick to laugh and make others laugh

TheChisel is not an advocacy organization. If you are interested in advocating for or pursuing a particular personal or political agenda, we encourage you to apply elsewhere.

To apply

Send your resume, cover letter, and two work samples to:

Deborah Devedjian, CEO

[email protected]

Work samples? How about computer models, github contributions, websites, graphic designs, term papers, business plans, social media strategies, or something else to help us understand your expertise and passions!

Apply now to join us!

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