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issues important to you and your community and explore ideas and solutions

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with your community in conversations that build consensus

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proposals by suggesting improvements

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on gridlock-busting solutions because we all can do better

TheChisel believes that good public policy comes from a place of pragmatism, compassion, and constitutionality. The Wizard is your tool to create proposals that embody these values.

The Proposal Wizard helps you identify and address problems that affect your community. Once you’ve completed the Wizard, you’ll have a comprehensive policy proposal that you can share with anyone! Your family, friends, and members of the community will be able to view, discuss, and provide feedback on your proposal to help you improve it.

Getting started is easy! You’ll need:

  • A problem in your community that you want to solve
  • Background information to set the stage (with sources)
  • Your suggestions to fix the problem
  • You can save, exit, and return any time!

Check out our “Helpful Hints”, located on the right-hand side of the proposal, for tips creating compelling proposals. If you still have questions or comments, please email us at [email protected].

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