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TheChisel is a social media company changing the political discourse in this country. We offer a unique, proprietary online platform for nonpartisan organizations and bipartisan coalitions to post their proposals, engage the public in dialogue, refine proposals, build consensus through voting—and then send these proposals to Congress.

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If you want to have an impact on public policy issues important to you, then join us as we illuminate policy choices with facts, humor, and nonpartisan consensus-building.

Are you curious, creative, resourceful, analytical, and crackerjack smart? Do you take initiative and maintain the highest standards of integrity? Are you a collaborative thinker-doer and quick to laugh? Then learn more about TheChisel and apply for our open positions!

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What TheChisel Interns are Saying

"For the last few months, I thank you infinitely. I've enjoyed working with you so much and relish the conversations, learning, and laughter that meeting you guys has brought to my life." —T. C., Pratt Institute Graphic Design Intern, Fall 2016

"Thank you for such a wonderful summer at TheChisel! I have learned and grown so much over my two months in New York City. From the lovely week at Sag Harbor to the delicious last meal at Eataly, I’ve had so many great experiences with TheChisel team both in and out of the office.

“I’ve really enjoyed working for TheChisel. I’m so grateful to have been able to contribute in a real way to an important mission, and each assignment felt valuable and meaningful. I particularly enjoyed the charter school organization and NYS Constitutional Convention projects, but all of our work was interesting and fun. I also learned a lot from sitting in on meeting with people from diverse organizations and backgrounds.

“Most of all, I am grateful for your mentorship. I appreciate your genuine interest in my life and investment in helping me to do my work more effectively and to succeed going forward. I valued the way you work to form relationships with us and to bond us as a team. I admire your vision for a more rational political process and your commitment to making the country a better place. It inspires me to want to make a positive impact in my career." —J. O., Stanford University Computer Science/AI Intern, Summer 2017

"I have become more confident as a creative and learned how to manage deadlines and work with others as a team. At TheChisel, interns are able to do a lot of work and explore their profession in a casual, start-up environment. I consider everyone I have worked with in the office a dear friend, and am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse, intelligent group of individuals. Although it wasn't a typical design agency or marketing team experience, I have learned a lot from TheChisel and am leaving with work that I am proud to call my own." —G. K., Pratt Institute Graphic Design Intern, Gap Year 2017

“What an incredible experience it’s been working for you at TheChisel!

Thank you for investing time in me as an intern. You taught me things about business and public relations that I didn’t know I’d learn this spring but was intrigued to learn how they intertwine in a start-up! Thanks for push me to grow and letting me join you on TheChisel’s mission! You company truly has the roots and the heart to do amazing things! Thank you for also welcoming me to New York in the kindest of ways and teaching me the lingo along the way!

"I will always treasure my time in New York and especially at TheChisel with an incredible woman at its lead! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!” —C. K., University of Missouri Journalism School Intern, Spring 2017