From the desk of Benjamin Franklin

Dear Kind Reader,


Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are rolling in their graves! My olde colleagues from my Philadelphia days keep asking me what you all have done to our Great American Experiment.

Well, I can tell them there’s a new, unprecedented way to engage in political discourse on issues important to you.

That’s why I joined TheChisel.

TheChisel aims to give my pals Tommy and Johnny peace. At thechisel.com, we aim to change the political discourse in this country. We are taking back our democracy.

And we are giving you back your voice and your vote.

TheChisel offers you a unique platform to engage in public policy-making with experts from nonpartisan organizations and bipartisan coalitions. You can comment on proposals these experts have created—they’ll listen to your feedback and revise the proposals to build consensus nationwide. And then, we’ll help these organizations send these proposals to Congress.

Who are these organizations? Nonpartisan, bipartisan, apartisan, multi-partisan organizations and coalitions. So, each proposal is a reflection of experts from the full political spectrum and different areas of expertise. Proposals have been carefully vetted to ensure many perspectives. We have turned away organizations which don’t make the cut.

Who is the TheChisel team? A band of your fellow citizens from across the political spectrum. Committed to honoring, upholding, and revitalizing our nation’s founding ideals. And making them real.

Think of TheChisel as a curated Wikipedia targeting Facebook users to generate consensus-driven nonpartisan solutions to our country’s ills—and ultimately supported by Congress.

TheChisel is your vehicle for reclaiming your voice and your vote. Help us help you preserve your unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Race you to the Liberty Bell!

Benjamin Franklin
Chief Inspiration Officer