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Proposal: Revitalize École Alex Manoogian in Montreal

Do you value restoring academic excellence, vibrant enrollments, and financial stability?  If so, explore how École Alex Manoogian can take the next steps toward revitalization and how the school can become a template for revitalizing all AGBU schools worldwide.

The Issue

Problem Defined

Like many private schools today, École Alex Manoogian (ÉAM) faces increasing challenges to stay competitive. Founded in 1970 to aid the wave of Armenian immigrants from the Middle East settling in Montreal, ÉAM is a Canadian-accredited full-day school program for PreK (garderie) - Grade 8. Once a rigorous school academically and fiscally, ÉAM's long-term self-sustainability is in question.  

In 2011, ÉAM began its revitalization process by naming a new principal, healing union-management strife, refurbishing its library, building a playground, and creating a dynamic learning environment.  

Based on this new foundation and by implementing some new measures, the school can restore its academic excellence, vibrant enrollment, and financial stability.

This proposal focuses on the Armenian General Benevolent Union's (AGBU) Alex Manoogian School in Montreal whose revitalization can become the template for AGBU's revitalization of its entire school system worldwide.

Expand all bullets
Families have a wide variety of school choices for their childrenMORE

The primary choices are:

  1. Public Schools.  According to the Canadian Ministry of Education, there are more than 650 schools (public and private combined) in the Montreal metropolitan area.
  2. Private Schools, often with specialized curricula and/or rigorous curricula, both elementary and high schools.
  3. Armenian Day Schools.  St. Gregory of Nareg and Soorp Hagop Schools offer full-day curricular with an Armenian curriculum and are competitively priced.

Ultimately, parents are choosing schools to optimize a mix of academic excellence, rigorous  extracurricular offerings, deeply-instilled moral codes, safety, security, location, sense of community, and cost for their children. 

Quebec is home to 144 International Baccalaureate World SchoolsMORE

Just as academic competition has increased, so too has the significance of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for its quality and visibility. IB is affiliated with 144 schools in Quebec and nearly 4,000 schools worldwide.

Montreal is home to 20,000+ ArmeniansMORE

Despite the Canadian Government's 2006 Census of Population stating that there are 20,000+ Armenians in Montreal, school administrators suggest the number is closer to 30,000. If the discrepancy lies in those self-identifying as 100% Armenian vs. half Armenian, there may be an even greater opportunity for enrollment growth in the metropolitan Montreal community for Armenian schools.

Very closely allied with the Armenian community is Montreal's Coptic Christian community; approximately 8% of ÉAM's students are Copts.

Inappropriate tuition negotiationsMORE

Numerous families negotiate tuition by bargaining with the school administrators despite their ability to afford the tuition. This practice limits the availability of financial aid available to genuinely needy lower-income families.  It also puts undue pressure to enable school administrators to balance the school's budget.

Declining enrollmentsMORE

At its peak in the 1990s, École Alex Manoogian had enrollments of 500 students, the school's capacity.  For the past four years, enrollments have averaged just under 300 students. Such a decline spurs morale problems and limits the ability to attract both students and quality faculty.  The low enrollments also limit the school's ability to reach scale to justify a strong portfolio of academic and extracurricular offerings.

Challenging financial conditionMORE

Declining enrollments have precluded the school from operating at scale.

Over the past four years, average total revenues, including tuition and transportation fees, non-AGBU contributions, and government subsidies for ÉAM has been $2.3 million with an average annual operating deficit of 35%, or $800,000.  This operating deficit has ranged from $675,000 to $1 million with 2013-2014 at $750,000.

For each of the past four years, the AGBU has provided $700,000 to cover ÉAM's operating deficit.

Go deeper
International Baccalaureate Program

International Baccalaureate World Schools - IB Website (2015)


Full background on the IB program - history, global significance, and impact on students. 

Alumni and Fundraising Recommendations for École Alex Manoogian

Papazian, Karen, ABGU Director of Development and Outreach - AGBU Memo (2013)

Memo_Montreal Meetings_May 2013_prepared by Karen Papazian.pdf

Recommendations for ÉAM to increase fundraising and alumni connectedness in support of ÉAM as proposed by Karen Papazian after her visit to the school in Spring 2013.

You Can Do It, Too!

Devedjian, Deborah, Managing Partner, Copernicus Learning Ventures - County Leader (excerpts) (2000)

You Can Do It Too!.pdf

Chronicle of a successful academic and fiscal turnaround of a 3,600-student school district in a middle class Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) suburb, with financial and logistical obligation for also busing an additional 2,500 students to private schools.

International Baccalaureate - Primary Years Programme

Cheryl Babin & Lisa Rhoads - Self-Published ()

International Baccalaureate - Primary Years Programme.pdf

Workshop overview of the International Baccalaureate's inquiry-based programme outlining pedagogy and methodology for students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Comprehensive presentation by IB practitioners in Canada. 

Profil de l'apprenant de l'IB

International Baccalaureate Organization - IB publication (2013)

Profil de l'apprenant de l'IB.pdf

One-page overview as suggested reading by Vahe Nerguizian.

Expert Authors

The ARMENIAN GENERAL BENEVOLENT UNION (AGBU) preserves and promotes Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs. Each year, the AGBU serves 400,000+ individuals across Armenia, Karabakh, and the Diaspora.

The AGBU operates 18 full-time day schools and 15 Saturday schools around the world.  

This proposal focuses on the École Alex Manoogian in Montreal whose next steps in revitalization can become the exemplar for AGBU's revitalization of its entire system of schools worldwide.

Haig Basmajian
Board of Directors - Immigration and Refugee Board

Haig Basmajian was appointed at the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2009 as an adjudicator at the Refugee Protection Division.  Recently he was appointed to the Immigration Appeals Division. Previously for 10 years, he worked in managerial and legal positions at Bombardier, Cirque Du Soleil and CAE. 

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University and Licenses in Civil and Common Law from the University of Ottawa and is a member of the Quebec Bar.

Hratch Chitilian
Partner - H2C Consultants

Hratch Chitilian is a Partner at H2C Consultants which provides specialized information and technology services.

Over his career, Hratch has served in IT project management roles at Ivanhoe Cambridge, AVEOS, PSP Investments, and SNC Lavalin Pharma.

He earned his BS from Concordia University in Computer Software Engineering.

Hratch speaks English, French, and Armenian.
Harry Dikranian
Trade Mark Attorney - Sternthal Katznelson Montigny

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Harry Dikranian is a trade mark attorney with Sternthal Katznelson Montigny and specializes in commercial and civil litigation and bankruptcy and insolvency.

He earned his BA, MA, CCL, and LLB from McGill University and has been admitted to the bar in Quebec.

Harry is a member of the Young Bar Association of Montreal, Quebec Bar Association, and Armenian Bar Association.  He speaks English, French, and Armenian.

The Solution

Proposed Actions
Expand all bullets
Strengthen the ÉAM Board of Directors governanceMORE

The board--and thus the school's operations--would greatly benefit by:

  1. Creating Board Committees which would meet monthly*:  
    • Executive
    • Academics
    • Student Affairs & Extracurriculars
    • Outreach (Marketing, Enrollment, Fundraising, Alumni)
    • Real Estate, Buildings & Equipment
    • Audit, Finance & Investment
    • Nominating
  2. Introducing more diversity of functional experiences and personal backgrounds to board composition (especially marketing, finance, child psychology, general management; Canadian-born, women)
  3. Establishing term limits: terms of 4 years with a maximum of 2 terms
  4. Reviewing and updating by-laws

*Note:  Generally, the Audit Committee is separate from the Finance & Investment Committee, but school size suggests combining the two at least initially while committee structures are being formalized.  Similarly, it may be preferable to combine the Academic Committee with the Student Affairs & Extracurriculars Committee.  

Implement the International Baccalaureate academic program at ÉAMMORE

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is an academically challenging and balanced program of education with final examinations that prepares students for success at university and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The program has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

This program will enhance the educational quality within the school and incite more parents to trust the institution.

Reemphasize M. Sébastien Stasse's role as Principal & Dean of Academic AffairsMORE

Given his strong relationships with the faculty, his passion for educating youngsters, and his expertise in IT and the sciences, Sébastien Stasse would be responsible for elevating EAM's academic rigor to a globally competitive scale.  As such, his primary roles would be:

  1. Directing the implementation of the International Baccalaureate program 
  2. Ensuring full compliance with all Canadian and Quebecois educational regulations, accreditation, and certifications
  3. Managing the assessments, hiring, firing, and training of the teaching staff
  4. Ensuring competitive salaries for teaching staff to attract best candidates

Offer M. Stasse a 10% annual bonus based on increases in students' academic performance (metrics to be defined) for Year 1 and subsequently successful accreditation by the IB program. 

Hire a Managing Director to lead all aspects of the school's fiscal operationsMORE

For the first two years, the school's Managing Director would be a part-time individual with senior executive management experience spanning marketing, finance, and operations.  The most attractive candidates might be:

  1. A semi-retired or retired, charismatic leader having been a senior executive at a a global consumer products company who is still too energetic to sit down with primary strengths in marketing and finance
  2. A turnaround consultant (from the for-profit world) who would pave the way for a more junior staff (marketing and finance) once the turnaround has been largely completed
  3. A former Headmaster/Headmistress of a prestigious private or IB school
Make EAM student-centricMORE

Given ÉAM's fiscal and academic challenges, the school's focus has shifted from students to fiscal affairs.  Board leadership and school management need to reorient their decision-making so that all new actions are a result of reaching YES to at least one of these two questions:  

  1. Is this the most cost-effective action to helping our students' academic advancement? 
  2. Will this action cut a cost without damaging students' academic experience?
Eliminate Grades 7 and 8MORE

École Alex Manoogian would benefit its students by strengthening its core PreK-6 curriculum and ending at Grade 6, not Grade 8.

  • At the end of Grade 6, students are ready and eager to attend a new private or public school offering a wider range of academics and extracurriculars, and many parents pull out their children from ÉAM.
  • By Grade 7 (age 12), parents and students expect higher quality science labs, sports, bands, and other extracurriculars. Such programs, readily available in competing junior and high schools, are difficult to scale in small schools and require significant additional spending. Average cost to educate a junior or high school student is often 50-70% greater than that of an elementary student.
  • By Grade 7, students have already developed long-standing friends and a sense of community at ÉAM.  Attending the school beyond Grade 6 may have a negative academic outcome for students and hamper students' social integration into high school.
Use $1.2 million in AGBU Central Board subsidies to wean off subsidies by Year 4MORE

To assist ÉAM reach its goal of financial stability by the end of 3 years, AGBU pledges to provide the following funds: 

  • $600,000 for Year 1
  • $400,000 for Year 2
  • $200,000 for Year 3
Bolster the management team by creating a 4-pronged outreach program MORE

Over the next two years, hire the following who would report to the School's Managing Director:

  1. A part-time marketing and admissions coordinator
  2. A part-time fundraiser and alumni coordinator

Each coordinator would develop a volunteer committee of individuals from the community with salient expertise.

In the short term, the Managing Director might work closely with a new marketing-oriented board member to develop template protocols and policies and work with volunteers on these areas.

Update, standardize, and consistently enforce tuition payment policyMORE

The five major elements to rationalizing ÉAM's tuition payment system are:

  1. Offering fair and equitable scholarships only for economically disadvantaged families.  
  2. Ceasing to negotiate with all other families for tuition discounts. 
  3. Establishing a sibling tuition fee policy in line with the local market practices.
  4. Raising tuition and transportation fees.
  5. Mandating that all families, regardless of income level, provide pro bono service to the school for 4 hours per month per child attending.  Reinforcing ÉAM's sense of family and community is paramount--whether it's a marketing executive rewriting brochures or a parent performing lunchroom duties.

Separate from ÉAM's standard policy would be a special-case policy for Syrian-Armenian refugees settling in Montreal.  Full or partial tuition would fall under AGBU humanitarian aid as designated by the Central Board with Montreal Armenian community expected to help support new arrivals on a 1:1 matching basis.

Offer high-quality after school programs to ÉAM students, local Armenian and non-Armenian students MORE

AGBU believes that by providing a safe and exciting environment, students will be able to spend their afternoons and/or weekends at École Alex Manoogian, thereby:  

  1. Positioning École Alex Manoogian as a dynamic academic, stimulating, and cutting-edge experience
  2. Introducing ÉAM to the nearby Town of Mount Royal where the median family income is $112,500
  3. Strengthening the Armenian Montreal community
  4. Forging a stronger bond between the Armenian Montreal community and the non-Armenian community
  5. Leveraging and further monetizing ÉAM's underutilized real estate
Expected Results
Expand all bullets
Financial self-sustainability achieved by Year 4MORE
Enrollment increased with sufficient proportion of non-Armenians (> 20%) to signify academic rigorMORE

It's one thing to have the Armenian community support the academics of an Armenian school; ÉAM rises to a higher realm when non-Armenians support the academic rigors of an Armenian school.

Fundraising and market awareness improvedMORE
Armenian-Canadian community in Montreal strengthenedMORE
Stronger network and support of 1,500 alumni establishedMORE
Budget Impact

Financial self-sustainability eliminates financial burden on AGBU Central Board in Year 4

Net Present Value

Net outlay of $1.2 million to reach breakeven on garderie and school

Initial outlay for after-school programs; fee for non-ÉAM students to payback investment and offset ongoing operating costs

The Conversation

Would offering Chinese and Arabic fall within the rubric of the IB program?
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
Would offering Chinese and Arabic fall within the rubric of the IB program?
Haig Basmajian
Board of Directors
4 years ago
Could be for some students, however let's not forget that we already offer a tri-lingual program which does pose a challenge to some students (Sebastien and Chahe could obviously provide relevant data on this)
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
Haig, yes, you make a good point about overload for the students. However, young children's brains are little sponges. They are best adept at learning new languages when young. We might wish to think about offering a few world languages a 2-3 hours/week to give the children some additional perspectives.

Offering such a program would serve as interesting enrichment and could be a valuable, easy, and very tangible marketing tool to attract new families--while the other components of the enrichments are taking place.

Merely having this conversation among board members suggests an extension of the great work you've all established. Let the trajectory flourish!
Giovanni Bruna
Junior Analyst
4 years ago
Chinese and Arabic would be great options, since they are considered critical languages by the U.S. government.
How about if we ask the general Armenian Montreal community?
4 years ago
Carol Aslanian
Senior Vice President
4 years ago
Great idea, Ani. It should be a 1:1 match, and we should be sure to welcome students from all 7 Armenian churches. Such an open-door policy could set the stage for enhanced relations among the various Armenian groups in anticipation of the Centennial--and a new wave of solidarity among Armenians.
Arda Haratunian
Strategic Communications Advisor
4 years ago
I'm on the Genocide Centennial Committee, and I agree that such a new wave of encouraging solidarity would be a great way to move forward for the global Armenian community. I will suggest to our board that we incorporate that idea into our marketing.
The Alex Manoogian School would greatly benefit from strengthening its core K-6 curriculum
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
The Alex Manoogian School, like the full-day Armenian Sisters Academy in Philadelphia (USA) which I attended, would greatly benefit from strengthening its core K-6 curriculum and ending at Grade 6 instead of Grade 8.

The Academy had a strong Montessori philosophy throughout the entire K-8 levels and was particularly strong up until Grade 6--so much so that children of non-Armenian university presidents and professors sent their children to the Academy.

Many parents pulled their children out after Grade 6. Once a student enters Grade 7 (generally 12 years old), expectations for science labs, sports teams, bands, and other extracurricular programming becomes more important. Such programs are difficult to scale in small schools, and they are readily available in competing junior high schools and high schools. These programs also require significant additional expenditures.

The sense of community, camaraderie, and friendship--as well as serious academic preparation--is instilled by Grade 6 (11 years old), and students can then jump into their choice of private or public schools with a much wider range of academic and extracurricular offerings. Until this day, some of my best friends are those I met in Grade 4 at the Armenian Sisters Academy--these people are part of my extended family. Attending the Academy in Grades 7 and 8 was not only unnecessary in building ties to the Armenian community but also detrimental from a social perspective as a student integrates into high school.
Haig Basmajian
Board of Directors
4 years ago
Agreed, the PR concern could be addressed by putting an emphasis on our daycare and grade school improvements and plans to make it even greater (IB or other). Grade 7 and 8 (Junior High) is really an exception in our marketplace, we are not competing against other similar institutions but against full-fledge private high schools. In my opinion, we simply cannot fairly compete. Our core focus should be on becoming a top-tier institution at daycare and elementary levels. Presently, our best students leave after grade 6 in most cases. Our grade 7 and 8 programs offer some unique experiences which could be used to improve grades 5 and 6 (year-end trip to Armenia, GE entrepreneurship program introduced by Varouj Artokun....).These potential improvements to our core program along with other opportunities for our youth to connect with the community via AGBU and our school (New Saturday Hangout, Camp Nubar, Sports, Scouts) would be ways to soften the perception of closing the high school.
What would be the hook for attracting children from families in which only one parent is Armenian?
Carol Aslanian
Senior Vice President
4 years ago
What would be the hook for attracting children from families in which only one parent is Armenian?
Haig Basmajian
Board of Directors
4 years ago
Location is obviously key and does not play in our favor. Assuring parents that they will not fall behind in French and not diminish their chances of getting accepted to their desired high schools.
I graduated from EAM in 1979
Harry Dikranian
Trade Mark Attorney
4 years ago
I graduated from EAM in 1979 and the school is in better shape than it has been since the very beginning. We have a great executive management team - Sebastien, Chahe and Rosana rock!!!
We need to understand exactly all the process of becoming IB school
Vahe Nerguizian
Professor of Electrical Engineering
4 years ago
We need to understand exactly all the process of becoming IB school. Reading diagonally, I can see that to become an IB school it needs at least 3 years (with all the preparations and the resources associated). I hope that every member reads the documents to give appropriate comments for the subject of IB.
Harry Dikranian
Trade Mark Attorney
4 years ago
Thanks Vahe, I also looked through this material last week and was wondering how we would fit it in with ministry curricula. The best would be to fix a meeting with an IB certified primary school and see how they did it.
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
Harry, yes, exactly. This would be a great next step. The IB program is the core academic program around which a multitude of ancillary programs can be added to the specific school.
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
This is a very important consideration. From a marketing perspective, even though it will take 2-3 years to secure the accreditation, EAM can gain significant community support and create a solid marketing message by announcing that IB (or some such globally-esteemed) curriculum is being adopted.

Additionally, announcing and demonstrating progress toward the IB program can be a great fundraising call to action.
4 years ago
Je doute de l’impact de l’implantation d’un programme IB en regard à l’énergie qu’il faudra y consacrer pendant 3 ans. Par contre, je suis tout de même ouvert à voir les bases de ce programme et évaluer le chemin pour y parvenir. J'ai contacté la FEEP (Fédération des Établissements d'Enseignement Privé) à ce sujet. Par contre je comprends l’importance d’avoir une certification permettant de garantir l’excellence de l’éducation à notre école au-delà des paroles et des rumeurs. Comme nous ne procédons à aucune sélection académique de nos élèves, je me demande si tous nos élèves seront en mesure de compléter et même de suivre un programme IB.
Haig Basmajian
Board of Directors
4 years ago
The IB program could obviously offer some benefits academically and from a marketing perspective to attract parents who would be reluctant to choose our institution. The flip side as pointed by Sebastien is certainly key as will the investments in time and effort translate into the desired results of higher enrollment, increased percentage who parents paying full or higher tuition, better prospects for students....
I believe that another aspect which Sebastien and team must address before we move forward is the ability of our current students to digest and progress in a more demanding program such as IB. My guess would be that IB schools have strict admission requirements and criteria versus our school where basically anyone can attend and the profile of our students and parents is not the same as a typical private or IB type school.
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
The school EAM itself sets the admissions criteria for students. To the extent you think the IB curriculum is too rigorous for all the students, you may wish to consider offering it only to students wishing to take the curriculum--as in an honors curriculum for many high schools.

My firm belief--and study after study has proven this--is that students will grow to the level to which they are challenged. The lower our expectations for them, the lower will be their achievement.

This is a fascinating video which we/Copernicus presented in November 2014 to the AGBU Board and others in Miami. It's just 3 minutes long; the chronicle of Professor Sugata Mitra's research will blow you away. This is from his TedTalk:

Start at 6:42 – end at 8:08

Start at 9:08 end at 9:54
4 years ago
De mon côté, je fais des démarches pour obtenir des informations sur le processus de certification du IB. Je suis en contact avec la directrice générale d’une école primaire privée de la ville de Sherbrooke qui a cette accréditation, l’École Plein Soleil.

Il n’y a aucune école privée française de la région de Montréal qui possède cette accréditation. Il y a 5 écoles publiques françaises de la région de Montréal qui offrent ce programme qui est contingenté. Par exemple, l’école dont parle Vahé sélectionne ses élèves parmi 11 autres écoles primaire du territoire par une sorte d’examen et d’entrevue lors de l’admission. Aucune école de ce programme ne semble accepter l’ensemble des élèves comme nous le faisons chez-nous. Cet élément doit sérieusement faire partie de nos réflexions, puisque l’existence d’une classe de francisation devient alors impossible dans cette structure. Nous ne pourrons réintégrer en classe régulière des élèves dont le niveau n’est pas suffisant dans un programme de la sorte. Les recherches disent surtout qu'il faut que le défi soit raisonnable pour permettre aux enfants de se maintenir dans une zone proximale d'apprentissage. Si ce niveau est trop élevé nous obtenons l'effet inverse sur la motivation de l'apprenant. Donc oui à des exigences plus élevées, mais avec la clientèle réaliste pour le faire.
Two schools in the North of Montreal are using IB
Vahe Nerguizian
Professor of Electrical Engineering
4 years ago
Two schools in the North of Montreal are using IB (in Rosemère and in St-Eustache). Rosemère (École Val des Ormes) had Porte Ouverte on the 4th of February (date passed already). For St Eustache (École Terre des jeunes), they have the Porte Ouverte on Monday the 9th. Choghig and I will go there in the evening (at 7 PM) and will gather some information. I have already a contact at St Eustache (Mme Monique Gravel) and she is a teacher. I will get the principal contact and more details about the program and how they can help us (this will be indirect questions and not official). I will follow up with you on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Does EAM administer the CTBS?
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
Does EAM administer the CTBS? The Canadian Test for Basic Skills is a comprehensive normed assessment system (for levels of kindergarten through Grade 12) created in Canada starting with a base of 50,000 Canadian students; CTBS is also widely used in the US.
Points à rajouter dans le contexte (The issue)
4 years ago
Dans le contexte (The issue), à mon avis il manque que:

afin de garder un déficit bas, l’école a sous-payé ses employés pendant de nombreuses années ce qui a contribué à l’exode de nombreux bons enseignants et à l’engagement de candidats moins compétents.

pendant plus de 20 ans, il n’y a pas eu de formation pédagogique offerte aux enseignants, ce qui a grandement affecté la qualité de l’enseignement en général et un retard sur les exigences des programmes.

le transport scolaire ajoute des frais importants pour les parents et nous ne pouvons pas récupérer ces sommes en frais de scolarité.

il y a 4 ans, les enseignants n’avaient pas de courriel et les bulletins n’étaient pas disponibles de façon électronique aux parents.

l’école est aujourd’hui prête à passer à un niveau supérieur après 4 ans de travail pour rétablir sa base et sa structure.
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
Sebastien, your comments alluding to EAM's having begun the revitalization process 4 years ago have been added to the Problem Defined section.

Thank you for pointing this out and for the foundation you and your team have lain in preparing the way for EAM to boast a more rigorous, internationally- competitive curriculum!
Faire de notre école un modèle compétitif avec une approche différente
4 years ago
Sur les recommandations (The solution):

J’adore l’idée de faire de notre école un modèle compétitif avec une approche différente, basée sur l’avenir et les besoins d’une communauté immigrante dont les valeurs ont changé. Être le modèle des écoles de l’UGAB me semble un défi à la hauteur de notre institution.
Avoir un school board impliqué dans certains dossiers et prises de décisions
4 years ago
J’aime l’idée d’avoir un school board impliqué dans certains dossiers et prises de décisions. Plus particulièrement pour tout ce qui touche les gradués, l'évaluation de l'entretien du bâtiment, le marketing et les rénovations. Nos infrastructures datent de 1977 et plusieurs éléments vont nécessiter des réparations à court terme. Ni Chahé ni moi n'avons l'expertise pour prévoir ce type d'entretien.
Persévérer dans la voie de l'orthopédagogie
4 years ago
Notre approche en orthopédagogie (éducation specialist) est un modèle de réussite pour les enfants à besoin particulier et qui vise la réussite de chacun en l’aidant de façon individuelle à vaincre ses difficultés. Notre modèle de classe d’accueil est aussi basé sur la même approche individualisée. Il faut certainement persévérer dans cette voie. Nos classes de récupérations offertes par les enseignants à nos élèves permettent aussi une aide individuelle et efficace. Les enseignants ont compris l’importance de ce service personnalisé permettant la réussite de chaque enfant. C'est à mon avis beaucoup plus ce type de service qui fera notre renommée et qui nous différencie des autres écoles privées.

This proposal is now closed.

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Your voice has been heard.

Thank you for voting on this proposal.

Your opinion is valued and we encourage you to check out other proposals on issues important to you.