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Proposal: Brockton Gaming & Entertainment

If you're looking to build an exciting and vibrant community for Brockton and develop its economy, then explore this proposal to  . .. can bring . . .benefits to Brockton and Massachusetts!

Hey, let's look at . . .

The Issue

Problem Defined

Decision over best economic outcome for Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Greater Brockton region .. . . .

Expand all bullets
Massachusetts Gaming Commission has a unique opportunity to spur economic developmentMORE

Rush Street will invest $677 million in 1,200 immediate construction jobs and 1,000 long-term jobsMORE

The economics of Rush Street vs. Mashpee Wampanoag Nation Tribal deal

Rush Street will start faster and phases completed . . .MORE

Greater Brockton residents welcome Rush StreetMORE

Conversations with major leaders from 2014-2016 . . .

More than 300 civic leaders and citizens consulted ..

Go deeper
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Nation

- Tribal Nation's Website ()


Explore the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, its history and traditions in Massachusetts.

Expert Authors



Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer - TheChisel / More Perfect Union, Inc.
Born in Philadelphia, Deborah Devedjian has been a leader in the global Education and Training industry and an expert in corporate governance—creating, building, investing in, and transforming organizations. Long committed to education and inquiry as the basis for democracy, she weaves together more than 20 years of experiences in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to maximize learning, collaborative decision-making, and stakeholder value. 

She’s served in founding or leadership positions with Copernicus Learning Ventures, Warburg Pincus, RoundTable Partners, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, and The Boston Consulting Group. Deborah has chaired or served on the executive committee of 20+ not-for-profit boards, including Polytechnic University; Marlboro College; Elwyn, Inc. (for the developmentally challenged); French-American Foundation; Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council; Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities; Harvard Business School Club of New York; and Yale Reunions.

She attended public schools, has a BA from Yale and MBA from Harvard, but her father still hopes she’ll go to med school. Fluent in French and Armenian. Amusing in German and Italian. Deborah’s day is not complete without a dose of the Rolling Stones, Beethoven, and Coltrane. Deborah is an independent (small "i"). Her patron saint is Ben Franklin. She excels at “herding cats,” according to one business school dean.
Patrick McCloskey

The Solution

Proposed Actions
Expand all bullets
Award the license to Rush StreetMORE

add paragraph

Allow Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Nation to XYZMORE

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Expected Results
Expand all bullets
$3 million Community Enhancement Fee in three installments MORE
  • Hotel and meals taxes generated by the Project
  • Impact Studies to assess Project impacts on the City’s traffic, utilities,
  • public safety and on the City generally, including schools and housing
Annual Payments¹ equal to the greater of $10 million or 2.25% of gaming revenues annuallyMORE
  • 80% as a PILOT for all Real and Personal Property Taxes
  • 15% as a Community Impact Fee
  • 5% as a contribution to the Brockton Community Foundation
Total of 700 jobs to be createdMORE

We anticipate 500 full-time and 200 part-time jobs created within 8 months:

  • 100 managers and assistant managers- 200 hospitality staff
  • 100 kitchen staff
  • 50 custodial staff
  • 200 dealers 
  • 25 finance, accounting, and administration
  • 25 marketing, sales, public relations
Budget Impact

First three years $X million; subsequently $Y million annually from direct, indirect, and induced spending

Net Present Value

$50 million to state and local coffers

The Conversation

Patrick Cremen
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
If there was a guarantee that a certain percentage of the new jobs would go to local/tribal workers, there could be even more support for the project by the local community.
Tseren Zurganov
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
Patrick Cremen
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
I have lived in Brockton for 20 years. Gaming used to be a vibrant part of our culture and economy, but this has died down in recent years. New casino developments would provide a great boost to our local community.
Tseren Zurganov
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
It'd be great if Rush Street could partner with Morton's Steakhouse or another fine dining establishment as the official eatery of Rush Street.
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
We are entertaining a number of fine dining establishment and would be eager to hear the community's suggestions.
Patrick Cremen
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
Are any others tribes seeking a new license in Brockton?
Patrick Cremen
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
What are the specific long term jobs you expect to create?
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
We expect a total of 700 jobs to be created. Approximately 500 would be full-time, and 200 would be part-time.

- 100 managers and assistant managers
- 200 hospitality staff
- 100 kitchen staff
- 50 custodial staff
- 200 dealers
- 25 finance, accounting, and administration
- 25 marketing, sales, public relations
Tseren Zurganov
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
Rush Street must have conducted an extensive cost-benefit analysis to pick Massachusetts as a location to set up a venue in.

What were the runners-up that you considered to Greater Brockton?
Deborah Devedjian
Founder & Chief Citizens' Officer
4 years ago
Will school taxes be reduced as a result of this new economic development?
Tseren Zurganov
Junior Policy Analyst
4 years ago
In theory, yes.

In my understanding, a larger base of potential tax revenue usually follows economic development.

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