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Proposal: Family Leave: How long is too long?

In the U.S. the average time for people qualified for family leave is only 12 weeks of UNPAID, in these 12 weeks mothers of new children are expected to be able to bond and heal after birth, while people who are injured are expected to heal as well as go through physical therapy in this time. Is this not enough time for these people or is it too long?

The Issue

Problem Defined

Families should have more than just 12 weeks of family leave time which is also unpaid, in this time of families growing with new members or heal after a serious accident/incident at work they will be receiving no income, stress, and not to mention not all jobs even allow family leave to begin with.

Expand all bullets
Different qualifications MORE

Employees are only guaranteed these little 12 weeks if they worked for their company for 12 months and had to work at least 1,250 hours in these time. 

More than 12 weeks!MORE

For many women after birth it takes them 6-8 weeks to heal and even more, and on top of this healing process they also have to care for their newborn children. As well if a person was injured depending on the injury the time a person needs to heal could be way over 12 weeks!

Family and Medical Act

United States Department of Labor - (January 1, 2015)


The United States Department of Labor is constantly updating the website that I found the information I needed for The Family Leave Act with a quick overview.

Go deeper

Diane McMahon
Associate Professor of Sociology - Allegany College of Maryland
I am a sociology professor at Allegany College of Maryland, which is located in Cumberland, MD. I also work as the Faculty Director of the Service Learning and Civic Engagement (SLCE) Center at the college. I have worked in a variety of professions in my past that focuses on helping the homeless. Most recently I was the director of a peace and justice organization in Pittsburgh.

I am a great supporter of the work of TheChisel.com because it helps raise up topics that students and community members can work on together, in a bi-partisan manner, to address.
Chloe Reed

The Solution

Proposed Actions
Expand all bullets
Time is crucial, spend it healing! MORE

Stress about money and going back to work without fully healing can cause the healing process to go slower and take more time. 

Expected Results
Expand all bullets
Higher Work MoraleMORE

Workers will not have to worry about the stress and the money aspect of the healing trial.


I feel it would be a good idea for the budget aspect if we could work with taxes payers because this is bound to happen to everyone.

The Conversation

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