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Proposal: Fighting Mass incarceration and its effects

Mass incarceration is a system of oppression that puts black people under in America. Mass incarceration is the overwhelming representation of black people in the prison  system. It affects the person socially and financially, as well as their families and their community. Corrupt policy makers and politicians are to blame for some of the ways African Americans are treated and viewed in America.  If we are to fix the problem of mass incarceration, we must first fix or get rid of them.

The Issue

Problem Defined

I am trying to solve the problem of mass incarceration and its effects.

Expand all bullets
Mass incarceration MORE

The United States now has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, with 2.2 million citizens in prison or jail.
 The reason is because of changes in laws, policies, and sentencing, not by changes in behavior.  “The results have disproportionately impacted poor and disenfranchised communities (mostly communities of color). In contrast, these historic changes remain nearly invisible to many Americans”

Over priced bail MORE

Over priced bail causes people to wait in jail until their trial if one could not afford the bail price

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing MORE

This causes people to get sentenced based on the crime and not the trial by jury or judge 
The problem is that a petty crime could put a person in jail for many years just because the crime they committed has a minimum sentence

Effects on Family MORE

When an adult is incarcerated their “kids become just as incarcerated as them”
This happens when a person is put in jail or prison for any reason. Kids growing up with out thier parents. 

Effects Socially MORE

People who go to jail or prison sometimes have a hard time connecting to society
It's hard for them to get jobs and law are set in place to make it harder for them to get benefits from the government      

Go deeper

MY name is Antonio Matthews,
I am a black male age 19. I am from west Baltimore, Maryland and I have four other siblings.  I grew up on the rough streets of west Baltimore and I have seen so much hate and disrespect for and from my people. I have seen my peers get snatched up by the system and I have also seen my peers taking each other’s lives for money. My city is poverty stricken and for some that means the only way to get out is to hustle.

Antonio Matthews

The Solution

Proposed Actions
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Over priced bail MORE

Standardize bail prices by going by the severity of the crime

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing MORE

Create a new system that can get rid of this outdated one

Effects on Family MORE

Introduce more time for kids to visit their parents and other family members in general 

Effects SociallyMORE

Create programs to help people reconnect after they leave prison or jail Create programs to help them get jobs

Expected Results
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Over priced bail MORE

The solution of standardized bail would offer a more reasonable structure when it comes to creating bail prices. It would also make bail more affordable so that people wouldn’t have to wait in jail for their trial. This will mean less people in jail at a time. This would make it so that judges can’t discriminate as much. Standardized bail prices could also authority because if you know the price for doing a certain crime one would be less inclined to attempt the crime. Standardizing bail would help fight back mass incarceration in many ways and we need \them all.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing MORE

Creating a new policy would help by creating one that looks at the individual and not everyone as a whole. Mandatory minimum sentencing which is when the judge gives the sentence based of what the crime is and what the minimum sentencing is for that crime. This leaves the person wide open to the crimes they are charged for, whether it be for a petty crime or big crime.  Mandatory minimum sentencing also takes away the judges or juries’ decision and is unjust. A new policy to replace mandatory minimum sentencing would be to just get rid of it all together. Judges should have the power to judge a crime not go by a system that is clearly broken.

Effects on Family MORE

This could help the family and inmate learn and rehabilitate.
This would also lesson the feeling of children not being able to see their parents. This could help the family and inmate learn and rehabilitate. This would also lessen the feeling of children not being able to see their parents.

Effects SociallyMORE

Creating programs for people when they get out
of jail and while in can help inmates connect to society and learn from their mistakes. Society is leaving prisoners behind and they feel as though they can never catch up to it and they are suffering from a new label, felon. The label stops them from being able to live a comfortable life get benefits from the government and from getting a job. Giving inmates more programs to help with problems can also help with reoccurring felons. More rehabilitation and less punishment. If you treat someone like a monster that is how they will act, but if you treat a person with respect nine times out of ten you will get it back.


The cost of revision of policies is time of policy makers it would cost no more money out of out pockets but there will be a payment and that is time and persistance. 

For more programs in jail for inmates and ex felons after the price would depend on that state and city. 

The Conversation

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