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Proposal: The Problem With Racism

Racism is important to deal with because it causes systematic problems in modern society.

The Issue

Problem Defined

One race feels like they are superior to all other races and that is what generates racism in modern society

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Racism and TypesMORE


Go deeper

My name is Donayae Weaver and I'm an African - American college student that attends Allegany College Of Maryland. As a minority race, racism provides a very big social problem between races because one race feels more entitled than the other.

 something about me 

Donayae Weaver

The Solution

Proposed Actions
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General Acceptance MORE

No race is superior to one another, so the best way to try to end this race war is to generally accept one another for who we are.

Expected Results
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i expect to see at least 25% of racial change



The Conversation

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