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Proposal: Empowering the Youth of DC Through Community Programs

One of the best components about DC is that they have a number of community organizations and funding that is provided to the city and multiple programs. However, the problem that exists is that too many people do not take advantage of the programs provided by the city. Our city has the ability to change the narrative of our failed youth. In order to do so we must bring these programs to their attention.

The Issue

Problem Defined

There is a need for more youth support in DC. The issue isn't simply having the programs readily available to our inner city kids but more importantly showing the youth that there is an abundance of programs that can help put them on the right path for success and properly introducing these programs to them. 

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Why Are These Programs So Important?MORE

Improves the mindsets of inner city kids

How Does It Benefit?MORE

Forces the youth to reevaluate where they want to be in the future

What Impact Does It Create?MORE

Reinforces good behavior

Why Does The Program Work?MORE

The youth are able to still feel like they are in control of their paths

What other impacts does this program have on the youth?MORE

Introduces the youth to a good support system and people who want the best for them

DC Youth... At Risk

Jess Arnold - DC youth are some of the most 'at-risk' in the U.S. Now, a non-profit is working to change that (July 18, 2019)


"“These are the outcomes of long-term, generational inequality to equal resources and access to resources," said Cook. "So, we all have to be very intentional in this work.”The non-profit provides swim classes, a rowing team, and other activities that Cook said kids in his community wouldn't typically be able to access."

Go deeper
The Active Ingredient in Youth Development: Relationships

Kent Pekel - The Recipe for Success (Invalid date)


The relationships you build with the youth have a major impact and influence on how they turn out in the future. "“Invest in interventions that emphasize relationships.”... It’s rare to find a school, youth program, or community coalition that doesn’t say it values the relationships in young people’s lives."


The organization was started in 2018 to improve the youth in the District of Columbia. We begin our journey of 16 tutor/ counselors and 25 students. We surpassed the expected number of youth and have now reached 200 students from all over the city of all different backgrounds, races, and struggles. We plan to continue to create a safe and creative space for the youth of D.C. We do this in order to help the youth find a steady path and improve their future. We expect that our staff help motivate, engage with, and continuously push our students to do better. Our program is not only focused on mentor-ship, we also encourage students to find some type of activity whether that be poetry, art, club sports, or photography.  

Ebony Osborne

The Solution

Proposed Actions
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The most important components:MORE
  • Expand our program by getting information across the city. 
  • Host school-wide events that allow programs from all over the city to come and get students interested and willing to join 
  • Gain resources with help from the mayor so that we could use that platform to bring more awareness to the struggles inner city kids face
  • Bring more insight to our program which would then lead to more community leaders becoming informed on what we are trying to do for our city.
Expected Results
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​The biggest expectation is that we are able to:MORE
  • Gain support from a number of different community leaders, organizations, etc
  • Help inner city youth that they are capable of having bright futures
  • Help support the youth throughout their educational careers 

When you think of inner city kids what's the first thought that comes to mind? Trouble makers, thugs, etc. They usually always get a bad rep. Our goal and overall purpose is to change their narrative. I want this program to grow bigger than just DC. Every city, every inner city youth deserves the brightest future possible so that they can get away from this negative light that they have been portrayed under. Therefore, in order to make this happen we need help from as many people/organizations as we can get as well as taking into consideration future and present expenses.

The goal for the Building the Youth Budget plan is to:

  • Create a strategic resource plan that addresses the City Council’s ability to help fund a program 
  • Create a platform for our name to get spread around to different middle and high schools
  • Our hope is that we would be able to transform our programs annual budget to a biennial budget 
  • Map out immediate and future plans

The Conversation

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