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Proposal: Police Brutality Inner City Maryland

Have you or your loved ones experienced police brutality?

The Issue

Problem Defined

The problem we are trying to solve is to prevent or stop police brutality not just in the inner city Maryland, but all over. We are trying to prevent situations like police brutality from recurring. situation such as racial policing, misconduct shootings, killing within the same community, teens taking others teens lives, damage within black communities, we also want to change the way most people think of black Americans, we want to change the the way many white Americans are being treated as well. 

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Police BrutalityMORE

When there is a situation that involves police officers and citizens in a society, a lot of times police officers assume that all black people are trouble, a lot of black people have lost their lives due to misconduct or false actions. 

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Deborah C. England - Police Brutality (Invalid date)


This article focus on way to handle situations just like police brutality, this article speak on some important facts on whether its the right thing to fight back or not. it also take focus on some of the circumstances that both many individuals and police officers face during police brutality. 


In this organization, we want to shine a light on the several issues that we face in the inner city Maryland. One of the biggest issues we came across is Police Brutality. Police Brutality is excessive violence between police officers and citizens within a society. The rate of police brutality in the inner city Maryland is 85,000 in the past decade, and still currently increasing. October 22 is known as "The National Day Of Protest To Stop Police Brutality." It was a known fact that that black Americans were unarmed when they encountered in situations with polices.  

Denajah Parker

The Solution

Proposed Actions
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How can we make that change?MORE

one way we can the police brutality starts with respect. For example, both the youth and the authorites should learn to have respect for one another.


Another way to stop or prevent police brutality is to stop assuming that everyone is a criminal, stop or try to prevent everyone who have tattoo's and saggy pants as a criminal. 


ban racist policing and make those who do racist policing suffer for there actions. 


Train police men and women to be better police so they are aware of how to handle situations without killing or hurting the citizen. 


when you do encounter in situations similar to police brutality, instead of fighting back to make things worse, just remember the police officer name, and try to prevent provoking the situation. 

Expected Results
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police brutalityMORE

The result we are expected to see is change within our society. we want to prevent people all around the world from getting into situations with the higher authority. 


the budget to stop police brutality was $180 million in the year of 2017.

The Conversation

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