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Proposal: Lives or Guns. What’s more important?

We choose gun violence because people are getting killed everyday. Our loved ones and friends are dying because of hate and jealousy. We have to put the guns down in order to to save our lives. What is more important to you? Pick a side.

The Issue

Problem Defined

The problem that we are trying to resolve is putting the guns down and using words to emote how we think and feel. Something has to be done at this point because too many innocent and non innocent people are dying. 

Expand all bullets
Gun LawsMORE

Gun laws do not stop killings. As long as guns are allowed on the streets then people will die. There should be one law and one law only. "GUNS ARE BANNED". That is the only law that will not stop but reduce killings.


Gangs are a big issue in our communities. Everyone is against each other. Our community is separated into hoods. Each hood has its own standards and is ran differently. The hoods are against each other and this is an issue because we are all apart of the same community, which creates tension and violence.

Use Words Not GunsMORE

Using words is a great method to express feelings. There are several ways that we as a community can express our feelings instead of using violence. We can dive into the things we love for example dance, art, music and put our frustrations into a different outlet.

There's a simple way to reduce gun violence

Winkler, Adam; Natterson, Cara. - ProQuest Journal (January 6, 2016)


This week, President Obama condemned the scourge of gun violence in America and announced a slew of executive actions intended to curb the number of shootings. Like many gun control proponents, he focused on background checks and cracking down on rogue gun dealers.

6-year-old Baltimore girl's emotional appeal on gun violence: 'Why can't you just let us grow up?'

Klein, Allison - Washingtonpost.com (May 4, 2018)


At 6, Kelsey Hines knows about both school shootings and street shootings. The Baltimore kindergartner is versed in the tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary and in Parkland, Fla., as well as killings closer to home.

Go deeper
Baltimore students walk out over gun violence

Talia Richman - Wall Street Journal (March 7, 2018)


 Hundreds of Baltimore students walked out of class Tuesday and marched to City Hall to protest gun violence in schools. Tuesday's event in Baltimore brought together public and private schools from across the city. Many students marched for miles, snaking through the city and chanting, "Guns down! Grades up!"

Baltimore gun violence: More than a statistic

Ryan Hooper - Washingtonpost.com (November 28, 2018)


Stark reality set in the next day.

While I was walking out of my school to end the day, I heard the sound of gunshots. I looked around and saw a man in our parking lot holding the side of his body, slowly falling to the ground. Within seconds, police and ambulances were on the scene.


We are an organization of five young African American DMV, who all been negatively affected by gun violence. We all have our own stories of how we were affected, and each story sends us back to a bad time in our lives. We’ve all had a family member, friends, and more shot and sometimes killed to gun violence. Our organization has come up with a solution to end this gun violence, because we don’t want anybody else to be negatively affected by guns. We want it to end with us. Put the guns down.

John Allmond
Deangela Dorsey
McKenzie Gibson
Imani Mills
Brea Morgan

The Solution

Proposed Actions
Expand all bullets
Provide more free activities for the youthMORE

Growing up in the DC Metro area I have experienced this problem all my life. A lot of issues can arise from young people not having anything to do, such as gun violence, crime and the on-going problem of obesity. Our goal is to have a recreation center that is free to the public. The recreation center will have things to do for all ages. Until the recreation center is fully funded, we could host free youth days where we have things to do for all ages.

Homicide rates be state. (DC and MD are very high)MORE

Image result for maryland homicide rates1161 × 788

Fundraising money for the recreation.MORE

To raise money we can post signs on the roads and host fundraising events. These types of things will get the community involved. When the community is involved, it makes it fun and also easier. We don't have a lot of community unity where I'm from, everyone stays to their selves.

Expected Results
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The youth will start acting like kids instead of picking up guns.MORE

This could be the beginning of homicide and crime rates going down. Sometimes when a few people do something and they are successful, it starts a trend. Free recreation centers and programs may start popping up across the country.

Child obesity rates will go downMORE

Of course all of our youth aren't out shooting and committing crimes. However, most likely if young people aren't out causing trouble because there is nothing for them to do they are in the house attached to electronics with contributes to the on going problem of obesity

Unity in the community.MORE

Growing up, my mother would always talk about how when she was growing up all her neighbors knew each other and for the most part everyone was friendly. Where we're from everyone stays to their selves, you have your few you talk to on a regular basis and that's about it. I would like people to get involved, have fun and get to know other people. 


The budget for something like this would have to be probably about $5,000. As a long-term goal we would want their to be a free recreation center in the community, funded by the community. We could put it out there for people to pitch in and get the issue out there. For a cheaper route, until I reach my long-term goal I would hold free youth days. The free youth days would consist of having activiteis for all ages and it would also be free for them to stay for the day as long as they want.

The Conversation

5 months ago
Gun violence has affected me in several different ways. I lost several friends to gun violence. During my senior year of high school. One specific story is my friend Danny. He was shot and killed a couple of months after we had graduated. He had just had a baby girl, who was only five months when he passed away. Now his girlfriend has to be a single parent, his daughter has to grow up without her father, I have to be without my friend and his family has to be without him.
5 months ago
Gun violence has been affecting my community all my life, I've heard the shot, I saw the blood on the pavement, and I knew people that were killed. But the one that affected me the most is when my aunt was shot and she had nothing to do with anything. My aunt has 4 kids and it was the scariest thing in my life, being in the hospital not knowing whether or not she was gonna drove me crazy. Now, fortunately, she made it but even still gun violence knows no names and it needs to be stopped.

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