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Proposal: Addressing Alcoholism in Miami, Florida

Around 88,000 people die annually due to alcoholism.

The Issue

Problem Defined

The main issue that I would like to address is the fact that alcoholism affects many lives in my community. I have experienced this issue hands on because two of my friends have died to drunk drivers in the past 2 years. They were both under 21 years old. Both were killed by drunk drivers....Everyone knows about Miami and how it is party central, but what people forget is that life is precious and that you never know when it will be taken away from you and when you are under the influence of alcohol your judgement is impaired and you can make a life costing mistake. Alcoholism is a problem within the community and it is affecting many lives but with the help of the community leaders we can change this image and maybe reduce the amount of lives alcoholism affects. 

Expand all bullets
Underage drinkingMORE

easily available to underaged people

Easy to get away with fakesMORE

not enough technology in liquor stores to scan fake id's

Educate students in highschools about drunk drivingMORE

People need to be educated at an early age so that they dont go out and make a mistake

Market rehab a little more to the communityMORE

make people feel like its okay to come out and get rehab for the alcoholism. people think that they dont need help

Educate parentsMORE

Some parents think its okay to allow their children to drink at whatever age they want. Peaceful community reunions. 

Depression, alcoholism often an unbearable combination

Dr.Ihsan Salloum -


In this article Dr. Ihsan Salloum goes over how alcoholism causes depression and can worsen a person if they are not treated. This is why rehab is huge and needs to be marketed everywhere so that those who are suffering can go and seek help.

Go deeper

© Samaritan Behavioral Health - (Invalid date)


In this article you will be able to identify people who might need help. This can also be for yourself to see if you are someone who is in need of rehab. The earlier you stop the problem the easier it will be to go back to living your normal life. 


I am a student from ACM and passionate about this because I lost two friends to drunk drivers in Miami Florida. To publish this proposal would be great due to the fact that I may have some sort of impact to the community in a positive way. I myself am someone who is a problem fixer. When there is a problem with my friends, family, or anyone I usually try to intervene to help solve the issue or problem that is occurring at that moment. If i were to describe myself in three words they would be motivated, persistent, and a go getter.

Steven Barreto
Alcohol Abuse in Miami - Allegany College
My name is Steven born and raised in Miami, Fl. I am 21 years old and I am currently enrolled in Allegany College of Maryland to continue to pursue my dream of playing baseball and further educating myself at the college level. At the age of 16 years old I knew that my goal in life was to take baseball as far as possible and make as much money as I can so I could relieve my parents from their jobs. It is my life long dream to make it as a professional baseball player. I also want to own multiple successful businesses that will prosper and create an abundance of wealth for me and my family.

The Solution

Proposed Actions
Expand all bullets
Increase technology in liquor stores to prevent fake ID's MORE
Educate the massesMORE

Community reunions to educate them on why they parents should be attentive of their children making sure they are not drinking

Expected Results
Expand all bullets
Expected to reduce underaged drinking. MORE
Expected to have a more educated adult community MORE


The Conversation

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