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Proposal: Student Debt

Why do we still have student debt in 2019? This must end.

The Issue

Problem Defined

Student debt has reached 14.7% according to "https://thechisel.com/public-proposals/student-debt-be-gone". We aren't guaranteed a job after graduation and that's not fair to anybody that's spending all this money on school and we don't even get a chance to use it. I feel like college should be free or the money we do get from loans we shouldn't have to give back when we are trying to just better our future. I am a 19 year old college student and in order for me to start my next step after high school I had to take out loans for college. 

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Creating A FutureMORE

You're not going to be able to invest in getting a nice car, or starting a family. Why would you start a family as in kids or planning a marriage when you got student loans you need to finish paying off? I know a few people even my teachers that say they had to wait till everything was paid off so they can basically live their life how they want too.

Credit ScoresMORE

As we all know Student Loans does have an affect on your credit score too as well if you aren't able to pay them. Even though sometimes when graduating, students still possibly end up with no job after the six months, so how do they manage?

Go deeper
Americans Are Drowning in $1.5 Trillion of Student Loan Debt.

Sen. John Thune Sen. Mark Warner - (Invalid date)


"44 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt, which has become the one of the biggest consumer debt categories"


I am a 19 year old second semester freshman, I attend Allegany College of Maryland. I graduated with the class of 2018 from Fairmont Heights High School. I plan on becoming a police officer and then an FBI Agent , at Allegany I major in Criminal Justice. I'm very outgoing and speak my mind, yet i'm still shy at the same time. Anything i put my mind to I will get it done, can't nobody change my mind about something but me.

India Fuller

The Solution

Proposed Actions
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Creating a FutureMORE

Creating your future is the most important solution. Lets get rid of debt, students already have it hard and that's just adding to their plate. That's not doing nothing but adding more stress, i feel as though erasing debt help a lot of their futures.

Expected Results
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Letting Student Loans GO!MORE

As a result to student debt crisis, i believe we should put an end to the giving back part. We haven't paid for school since Pre-K, but now since we actually want to better our life and proceed on going to school for a better future we have to pay out of pocket, when in high school we was forced to go for free. I feel as though if we are given money for school we shouldn't have to pay it back! College should be free or the money gave we should be able to keep from financial aid.


Savings is the best thing, because if we don't have to pay back our student loans then we would beable to save more money, and start our next big steps even faster!

The Conversation

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