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Proposal: Stop the Gun Violence

this is a very important issue and if us as a city don't stand for something, this city will continue to fall for anything.

The Issue

Problem Defined

I am addressing the crime rate in Baltimore, because this is where I’m from. This is a problem to me because the crime rate is increasing rapidly as the years go on. I feel like the problem has to be addressed and not just unheard because if no one knows about the problem then it’s just going to get worst, I feel if we expose the problem then maybe we can get more help in the security area’s we need.  This has been going on for years and century’s. this problem has impacted mostly the city of Baltimore and some Baltimore county’s. The crime rate is perceived in Baltimore as a trend because it just increasing, if it bothered everyone like it bothers me then the crime would have been stopped.

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Baltimore has the highest murder rate in the nation per hundred thousand people. MORE

There were 342 homicides in Baltimore last year, 56 per 100,000 people who live in the city. That’s the highest per capita in the city’s history and, according to the FBI report Monday, the highest rate of any American city with more than 500,000 people. It’s also significantly higher than the rate in other big cities.


I am William Fernandez, A 20 year old freshman at allegany college. My career goals are to put in my years as an officer so i can become a homicide Detective. My Major is Criminal Justice, this is my major because growing up I always wanted to be a detective or police officer, and also because my 2 oldest sisters are police officers and majored in the same thing. I am studying at Allegany because in high school I was not doing my best I was just doing enough to get by because I had no clue i would want to go to college. With the GPA I had, I could only get into community college.

william fernandez

The Solution

Proposed Actions
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start a peaceful protest against gun violenceMORE

I learned that Baltimore has the highest crime and murder rate In the nation per hundred thousand people which is very sad when you go to think that Baltimore population is not even a million people it is approximately about six hundred and fifty thousand. Some solutions and actions that I can take to address the community problem is I can start a peaceful protest to try to stop the violence and get the mayor to at least speak on the problem to show that he cares. The solution will affect the whole city because I will try to get more people involved in my movement and get more protection for the neighborhoods that’s experiencing the most violence. Community leaders I will involve in my actions will be the mayor and city police so that the protest go as smooth as possible. I hope to achieve the lowest crime rate the city have ever had by 2021. I also hope to open my own mentoring program where kids who feel they need more assistance will have that extra help whenever they need it. One last thing I wish to achieve is to be a spokesman for the city when it comes to the violence issue.

I hope to open my own mentoring program MORE

where kids who feel they need more assistance will have that extra help whenever they need it. One last thing I wish to achieve is to be a spokesman for the city when it comes to the violence issue.

Expected Results
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the city will uniteMORE

hundreds f citizens will unite as one to make our city better


the budget for this project will roughly be around one million dollars

The Conversation

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